PATHFINDER Ruck Training Life Program Requirements

PATHFINDER Life Program Requirements

Our PATHFINDER Life focus is on overall fitness, with rucking miles as a core pillar, but now with flexible options that include other fitness disciplines. We have Challenges in PATHFINDER Life that test you, but don’t deplete you. We encourage workouts, but across a broad range of options that free you up to explore new things.

After a PATHFINDER Life 90-day program, you’ll feel strong, refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes next.

Read how PATHFINDER Life is a unique training program for every athlete here.

You can use PATHFINDER Life as your general training plan all year long.

Over a twelve week period, you will complete the following:

  • At least 60 rucking miles
    • You will keep track of every mile you ruck throughout the program.
    • In twelve weeks, you will complete at least 60 miles (averaging 5 miles per week), or choose to trade in 30 rucking miles in exchange for workouts of your choice with our LifeFlex option.
  • At least 12 Workouts that work for you
    • A variety of workouts count towards our workout requirement. We recommend our PATHFINDER Ruck Workouts, but various cross-training disciplines count towards PATHFINDER Life programming. Yoga, swimming, running - it all counts. Mix and match as you need to to create the program that works for your Life.
  • At least 3 PATHFINDER Life Challenges
    • Far less strenuous than other PATHFINDER Challenges, Life Challenges still encourage you to discover your strengths and uncover your weaknesses.
    • See full list of challenge options below.

PATHFINDER Life Challenges

In twelve weeks, you will complete at least 3 of the following PATHFINDER Life challenges.

  • Challenges do not have a stated weight requirement.
  • Every Challenge must be completed by itself.
  • Challenges may not be combined in any way.
  • Each Challenge only counts once toward the required total of 3.
  • A maximum of 6 Challenges can be completed.

The Life Challenges choices are:


 1.5 x Miles (Maximum of 90 Miles)

  • Increase your miles over the 12-week period by 1.5x to extend your rucking distances. This is ideal for seasoned ruckers.


(2) 1-Mile Timed Runs

  • Excellent for returning to run form or test your progress


2-Mile Beach Ruck

  • 2-mile ruck on soft sand, wetting feet at the beginning and midway point of the Challenge.
  • Designed to test your body, pacing and equipment on sandy and wet terrain.
  • Read Everything You Need to Know: Beach Ruck for further details.


4-Mile Weight+ Challenge(minimum 15lbs + any ruck weight for 4 mi)

  • Similar to the PATHFINDER Coupon Challenge, but with a much lighter weight and shorter distance.
  • A stroller with an infant/small child is an acceptable coupon in lieu of carrying additional weight for this Challenge.


(3) 6-Mile Rucks (to be completed over a multi week period)

  • Stretch your legs on longer rucks designed to push you, but not crush you.
  • Chart your progress, or just maintain your fitness on longer rucks.


20 Pre/Post Workout Miles (can be broken up in 1 mi increments)

  • With a minimum of 1 consecutive mile; no maximum limit, your mileage both before and after a workout can count towards the challenge mileage


Approved Reading Challenge 


Back-to-Back Day Rucks


Charity Challenges Live Challenge


Double Workouts (24 maximum workouts)

  • Set a higher goal for yourself! With the addition of cross-training disciplines in PATHFINDER Life, the entire world of possible training options open up.


Firefighter Challenge (:15 min x 3)

  • Our Firefighter Challenge will improve your muscle stability and core strength at a manageable time commitment.
  • See improvements with this three-step Challenge, completed throughout the program.
  • Read our Everything You Need to Know: Firefighter Challenge for more information.


 Fitness Assessment  x 2

  • Designed to be completed at the beginning and end of Life programming
  • This is not to be confused with the PATHFINDER Baseline Assessment


Hiking Challenge

    • Trails can be hiked in any distance order, as long as all distances have been completed.

      • 2 miles
      • 3 miles
      • 4 miles
      • 5 miles
    • There is no stated weight requirement for rosters in these programs for this Challenge. An appropriately challenging weight for the roster's fitness level must be in the ruck at all times.
    • Read Hiking Challenge: Everything You Need to Know for more details.


      Snow Ruck Challenge

      • There is no stated minimum weight requirement. An appropriately challenging weight for the rosters fitness level must be in the ruck at all times.
      • This Challenge is tiered based on the amount of snow present, regardless of your current programming. 
      • Read Everything You Need to Know: Snow Ruck for more information.


      Yoga/Mobility Classes (20 mins or longer per / video OR live class)

      • 12 classes
      • Yoga can be classified as any standard yoga class, including Hatha, Ashtanga, Bikram, Kundalini, or Yin among others
      • This option can also include video or in-class mobility instruction with foam rollers or other mobility implements and generalized stretching.
      • Read our Everything You Need to Know: Yoga Challenge