BACK-TO-BACK DAY RUCKS : Everything You Need to Know

Back-to-Back Ruck Challenge

*Please note, this Challenge is significantly different than the PATHFINDER Stirling Back to Back Challenge. If you are in Stirling, please go here.

The Back-to-Back Ruck Challenge is designed to increase rucked distance over the course of three days. This Challenge is also designed to place attention on foot stress and care and overall distance preparedness.

This Challenge must be executed over the course of three days, back to back. This Challenge will not count for completion credit if it is not completed in this manner. There are no exceptions to this facet of the requirement. A skipped day means this Challenge has not been completed.

Challenge Purpose

  • Physical conditioning over a three day course mimics conditions of long-distance, multi-day trail hiking and multi-day endurance events and is excellent preparation for gear, feet, and fitness.
  • Mental conditioning for the PATHFINDER athlete to sustain extended evolutions during endurance events over a multi-day period.

Challenge Notes

  • Ideally, terrain for each day of the Challenge should be done on challenging conditions for your fitness level, regardless of program. You should select a terrain that would be a 5-7 out of 10 for your personal fitness.
  • There are NO TIME PARAMETERS for each day of this Challenge. However long it takes is how long it takes.

Challenge Parameters

The entire Back-to-Back Day Challenge must be completed on consecutive days.

A weighted ruck will be worn for the entire Challenge. (See Weight Requirements.)

  • The Challenge will be considered complete when the following duration and frequency standards are met by program:

    • Duration: execute continuous, uninterrupted mileage according to your PATHFINDER Program as follows:
    • Day 1: 2 Miles
    • Day 2: 4 Miles
    • Day 3: 6 Miles
    • Day 1: 4 Miles
    • Day 2: 6 Miles
    • Day 3: 8 Miles
    • Day 1: 6 Miles
    • Day 2: 8 Miles
    • Day 3: 10 Miles
    ADVANCED @ 45lbs over 150lb, 30lb under 150
    • Day 1: 8 Miles
    • Day 2: 11 Miles
    • Day 3: 13 Miles
    • Frequency: Challenge must be completed in full duration as outlined above during the 12-week Program. The roster must complete the miles in order as written, without swapping miles out (ie: 8 miles on Day 1, 10 miles on Day 2, 6 miles on Day 3).

    Challenge Weight Requirements

    • Life, Forward and Endure: There is no stated weight requirement for rosters in these programs for this Challenge. An appropriately challenging weight for the roster's fitness level must be in the ruck at all times.

    • Advanced: 45# ruck dry weight for body weight of over 150lbs or more, or 30# ruck dry weight for body weight less than 150lbs.
    • Stirling/Compete/Horizon: This Challenge is not available to rosters in these programs. Stirling rosters must use the Stirling Back to Back Day Ruck Challenge as part of their program requirement.

        Challenge Restrictions

        • Ruck safely. Communicate your route and estimated times to another individual/party who can alert
        • YOU MUST COMPLY WITH ALL APPLICABLE LAWS AND RESTRICTIONS. DO NOT TRESPASS. If you are in doubt contact facility management for a clear understanding of access to and usage of any facility’s property. PATHFINDER assumes no liability whatsoever for any actions taken by a PATHFINDER roster.

        PATHFINDER assumes no responsibility or liability for any injuries, damages or death. A roster assumes all risk associated with their participation in any and all PATHFINDER programming.


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              • I am going on a 5-day backpacking trip next week hiking 8 10 miles per day. Would this challenge qualify for this day-to-day hiking challenge?

                Bob H

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