“You are doing an awesome job helping people train to get better and stronger and I recommend anyone training for a Challenge check out your program.” - Jason McCarthy, Founder, GORUCK

“The best ruck training program out there. If you are doing a GORUCK event you need to sign up for this.” - John F.


Excellent program. My first GORUCK event kicked my butt. Did a couple events in the middle of training with PATHFINDER and I felt so much more prepared. Didn't hesitate to sign up for the next class when the first one I did ended.

Matt W.

I love love love the PATHFINDER program. It gives me goals and pushes me much further than trying to do it alone. The community is exceptionally helpful and I've learned a ton. An absolute must if you enjoy rucking and GORUCK.

Kelli L.

I finished both PATHFINDER Forward as well as Endure. The programs are great. If you are looking to become stronger mentally and physically, as well as becoming a stronger teammate in GORUCK events, this is the program for you!

Michael M.

PATHFINDER has been the single best tool I use in ruck training. I've been part of the program since Class 007, and I learn more every time.

Jared A.

This program absolutely prepared me to excel during several GORUCK tough events. The PATHFINDER community is also great and welcoming. 5 stars!

Bernie W.

Great program to prepare for any GORUCK event! Keeps you accountable with a great program, amazing support, and a fantastic community spirit!

Julie C.

The best ruck training program out there. If you are doing a GORUCK event you need to sign up for this.

John. F.

Absolutely the best training program for GORUCK events!

Jimmy B.

5/5 Does not suck.

Renfield K.