PATHFINDER Advanced - Advanced Ruck Training

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PATHFINDER Advanced is our most challenging program for our toughest Rosters. Thousands of athletes have gone through our programs and gained endurance, stamina, and strength to help them achieve their biggest goals.

Advanced is a high-volume program that will train you to peak fitness. You’ll continue upping your game on workout frequency and adding Challenges to your training that test your limits to prepare you for long-distance and high-intensity ruck endurance events.

PATHFINDER Advanced is the pinnacle of endurance ruck training.

PATHFINDER isn't a day-by-day workout plan ... because they don't work! PATHFINDER works because YOU build it. We give you the requirements - miles, workouts, and Challenges - and you fit them into your calendar based on what works for YOU.


  • Individuals training for their first or second GORUCK Tough Challenge or equivalent
  • Individuals training for their first GORUCK Heavy Challenge or equivalent
  • Individuals training for extended endurance events, similar in duration and effort to a GORUCK HTL (Heavy-Tough-Light)
  • Individuals seeking to establish a strong base of rucking moderate to heavy weight and high mileage


  • None, but it is STRONGLY SUGGESTED that you already have the discipline to maintain regular fitness activity three to four times a week or have completed the PATHFINDER Endure (Intermediate) program.


  • Rucksack (Backpack) 
  • Weight: at least 45 pounds for individuals weighing 150 pounds or more, 30 pounds for individuals weighing under 150 pounds. 


  • Complete Program Materials, Workout Library, and supporting documentation
  • Experienced Course Advisor who has successfully completed this training to assist in your planning and provide accountability
  • Access to private Facebook Class Page and Course Advisor Group
  • One (1) Standard Tan Blank Roster Patch (optional)* to write your Roster Number on and wear while you train
  • Exclusive Finisher's Patch (upon successful completion of the program)


HDT-Paired PATHFINDER Classes begin on or about the same day as your Heavy Drop round begins.


Over a twelve-week period, you will complete the following:

  • 200 Rucking Miles
  • 30 Workouts, 15 of which must be Ruck Workouts
  • 250 APFT Score (Age/Gender weighted)
  • 12 Mile Ruck in 3 Hours (Prescribed weight)
  • Reading Program (selected from a provided reading list)
  • 5 PATHFINDER Advanced Challenges


You must complete five separate challenges from the options below:

  1. Pre/Post Workout Rucks
  2. Pre/Post Workout Rucks plus Yoga
  3. Timed 12-Mile Ruck (Prescribed weight)
  4. Mountain Ruck (Prescribed weight)
  5. Overnight Ruck (Prescribed weight)
  6. Coupon Ruck (Prescribed weight)
  7. Marathon Ruck (Prescribed weight)
  8. Beach Ruck (Prescribed weight)
  9. Stairs Conditioning (Prescribed weight)
  10. Yoga Conditioning
  11. Endurance Event Challenge
  12. Charity Challenges Seasonal Challenge (Register separately here.)

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