PATHFINDER Growth Ruck Training Bundle

PATHFINDER Growth Ruck Training Bundle

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SAVE 10%! Now is the time to commit to establishing a solid rucking base for your upcoming events.

The PATHFINDER Growth Ruck Training Bundle includes two course credits, one Introductory and one Intermediate.


  • None, but it is suggested that you already have the discipline to maintain regular fitness activity three to four times a week.

Grow with Forward, and move up to Endure as you progress towards all of your goals - whether they are endurance, fitness, or event-based. This program also works equally as well if you reverse it - if your fitness base is already high, and you want to use Forward after Endure as a way to down-regulate your training after a difficult endurance event.


  • You're seeking to establish a good base of rucking light to moderate weight (15-25lbs/6.8-11kg) and moderate mileage
  • You're beginning to train for longer-distance hiking or outdoor adventure
  • You're beginning to train for endurance events, such as:
    • Individuals training for their first or second GORUCK Light Challenge or equivalent endurance event
    • Individuals training for their first GORUCK Tough Challenge or equivalent endurance event


  • Seeking to establish a strong base of rucking moderate to heavy weight and high mileage
  • Training to ruck long trails or other longer-distance outdoor adventure hiking
  • Training up your fitness foundation to a higher level
  • Training for one of the following styles of endurance events:
    • Training for your first or second GORUCK Tough Challenge or equivalent
    • Training for your first GORUCK Heavy Challenge or equivalent
    • Training for an extended endurance event, similar in duration and effort to a GORUCK HTL (Heavy-Tough-Light)


  • Backpack
  • Weight


  • Upon purchase, get an Instant Download of our Program Success Guide*
  • Complete Program Materials, Workout Library, and supporting documentation
  • Experienced Mentor Course Advisor who has successfully completed this training to assist in your planning and provide accountability
  • Access to private Facebook Class Page and Course Advisor Group
  • One (1) Complimentary Standard Tan Blank Roster Patch to write your Roster Number on and wear while you train. PLEASE NOTE: You must Order Separately - Add one to your cart here in order to receive this item.
  • Exclusive Finisher's Patch (upon successful completion of the program)
  • *Program Success Guide is dependant on which program you choose to use first


    • Class 022 begins on 11/01/2021 and ends on 01/31/2022
    • Class 023 begins on 02/01/2022 and ends on 04/30/2022
    • Class 024 begins on 05/01/2022 and ends on 07/31/2022
    • Class 025 begins on 08/01/2022 and ends on 10/30/2022