PATHFINDER Personalized Nutrition and Macros

PATHFINDER Personalized Nutrition and Macros

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We have offered personalized nutrition and macros through our XP Personal Training program, and after a lot of requests, we're now offering it to all PATHFINDER rosters.

Getting healthy weight loss (or weight gain) results while training for an endurance Event is important to a lot of rosters. Sometimes, it might be challenging for typical nutrition coaches to understand the kinds of effort and commitment required to train for the things we do, and they may offer solutions that may not work as well for your needs. 

Just as in our XP Personal Training, in our Personalized Nutrition plan, we offer a holistic way to look at food, energy, exercise, and the benefits of solid nutrition for a 12-week cycle.

This is what you can expect:

  • Macros (proteins, carbs, and fat) designed for your height, current weight, goal weight loss, and Event plans.
  • Weekly email check-ins for progress and support.
  • Recipes, meal planning ideas, and tips that work with your preferences and needs.
  • Women-specific coaching for phase-of-life demands.
  • Weekly Zoom meetings, as needed.

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Food is what drives your training. It's the gas we fill our tanks with. It has the power to build more muscles; create more energy; improve our sleep. We look at all sides with you, and our goal is never to make you feel judged, but instead, empowered, to continue to create a lifelong appreciation for your body, what it's capable of, and how to look at food as a source of fuel, rather than one of "earning," or assigning morality to a functional physical need. 

We believe that making this investment in your nutrition and personal goals increases your commitment to training, too.

When you purchase your program, you can expect to hear from us within 12-24 hours. We will talk over email, the phone, or Zoom, and ask some simple questions. From there, we will create a program that encourages accountability and consistency.

If you're tired of where you are, we get it. Everyone deserves a body they're proud of. We work with you to continue to build confidence, acceptance, and a positive mindset towards your body and your goals.

More questions? Let us know!