Achieving Sustainable Weight Loss: How PATHFINDER Nutrition Worked For Me

People join PATHFINDER Ruck Training to gain quicker rucking times, more endurance, and strength. But people also join PATHFINDER to ditch the last few pounds through our 12-week PATHFINDER Nutrition Coaching program.

Today, we've got a guest, PATHFINDER roster, Doug Clinger, who optimized his eating habits with our personalized nutrition coaching while incorporating ruck training and achieved some great, sustainable results. His goal was to tighten up his nutrition to eke out even greater athletic performance. He didn't have much weight to lose, but was instead hoping for some body recomposition to highlight his hard work. Doug's always been healthy, and his eating habits were already pretty great. It's easy on the surface to see an athlete like him and think, "What else could he change?" But once we started working, even minor changes made a big difference!

"I want to look back and say, 'Well played. I did the best I could."

PATHFINDER Roster, Doug Clinger

"I'm 63, male, and I exercise about 10 hours a week. Despite that level of activity which includes rucking, running, cycling, strength training, and paddle boarding, I have over time accumulated a few extra pounds. My doctor and my friends would never refer to me as overweight, but I could see and feel the difference and it was affecting my athletic performance and personal body image satisfaction. I had previously tried fasting routines, and Paleo diets without much of an impact and totally without long term success. I was at a personal all time high for my weight when I saw the PATHFINDER Nutrition coaching program while reviewing my next PATHFINDER training program. I had just finished the PATHFINDER Endure program and enjoyed it for the training, and thought I'd try the nutrition coaching because exercise alone and what I was doing nutritionally wasn't working. 

The Experience

Amy, PATHFINDER's programming and nutrition coach, sent me a questionnaire asking about my eating and exercise habits, and we had a Zoom call to discuss my current goals and cover any questions on the program. Amy then set macro targets for me and recommended an application to begin logging what I was eating and drinking. Weekly Amy would send an email with interesting information on a particular aspect of healthy eating habits along with several recipes.  The recipes frequently involved ingredients I hadn't previously utilize much, and were all delicious. Every other week we would also have a Zoom meeting to check in on progress, discuss any questions I had, and see if any tweaks or adjustments were needed.

The Results

Over the 12 weeks I made consistent progress losing 10 pounds in total and reducing my bodyfat % by 2%.

Inline image

The Conclusion

On a 5 star scale this program was definitely a full 5. I achieved what I was striving for and never felt that the process was unsustainable and the results temporary. In fact you can see two upwards spikes late in the program. They represent Father's Day weekend and a week of vacation where my diet choices were less than stellar, but what really impressed me is when I resumed tracking and the proper habits the weight snapped back to where it was before those vacation excesses. Previously those couple of extra pounds would have become the new norm. I'm super happy with the program, Amy was an excellent coach, and I'd highly recommend this program to anyone who is struggling to drop that last 10 pounds and not lose any athletic energy or feel they are depriving themselves excessively. The beauty of the program isn't just the 12 weeks, it gives you the habits and knowledge to maintain or take the results further as needed. -- Doug Clinger"

Congratulations, Doug, on a great achievement! We have a few spots currently available in our Nutrition Coaching program, so check it out today!

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