PATHFINDER Build Your Own Bundle

PATHFINDER Build Your Own Bundle

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The PATHFINDER Build Your Own Bundle gets you Four (4) Program Credits that you can mix-and-match any way you want for Maximum Training Flexibility over 12 months.


  1. Confidence - lock in your training for a whole year and plan to meet your goals more efficiently.
  2. Savings - buying a Bundle saves you money vs. buying the Programs separately.
  3. Affordability - take advantage of interest-free installment payments.
  4. Flexibility - do the Program that's right for you when it's right for you, adjust training intensity according to your needs, and even skip a Class if you want or need.
  5. Plus - bundles are the only way to get any discounts on our Premier Programs; Premier Programs like Advanced are never offered for anything less than full price.


  • Purchase any Bundle Build combination of four (4) Standard and Premier Programs
  • Choose whichever Program you want to do when registering for an upcoming Class.
  • Take the Programs in any order that best suits your training needs at that time.
  • Repeat any of the Programs if you want.


  • 3 Standard and 1 Premier Program Bundle Build
    • Take the Programs in order from Life, to Forward, to Endure, to Advanced
    • OR take Forward once, Endure twice, and then Advanced.
  • 1 Standard and 3 Premier Programs Bundle Build
    • Take Endure first, then take Advanced twice, then Stirling
    • OR sample every Premier Program in any order.

Standard Programs include:

  • Life
  • Forward
  • Endure

Premier Programs include:

  • Advanced
  • Horizon
  • Stirling
  • Compete


  • None, but it is suggested that you already have the discipline to maintain regular fitness activity three to four times a week.



  • Complete Program Materials, Workout Library, and supporting documentation for every Class
  • Experienced Mentor Course Advisor who has successfully completed this training to assist in your planning and provide accountability
  • Access to private Facebook Class Page and Course Advisor Group
  • Complimentary Roster Patch to write your Roster Number on and wear while you train. PLEASE NOTE: You must order separately - add one to your cart here in order to receive this item.
  • Exclusive Finisher's Patch (upon successful completion of the programs)


  • Quarterly Classes begin on the 1st of February, May, August, and November and run for 12 weeks.
  • We also offer Early Starts for any Class to align training schedules with your goals and event calendars.