PATHFINDER Horizon™ - GORUCK Star Course Training

PATHFINDER Horizon™ - GORUCK Star Course Training

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Training, conditioning, physical and mental preparation, and team skills development in order to successfully complete the GORUCK Star Course Event, 50 Mile Distance, as well as Star Course shorter-distance events, marathon distance rucks, timed 12-mile ruck standards, or any other long-haul endurance event with a weighted ruck.


PATHFINDER Horizon™ is a fully programmed twelve-week training package that progresses on a week-by-week basis. Each week contains:

    • Short Mileage Days
    • Long Mileage Days
    • Prescribed Full Body Ruck and Core Conditioning Workouts
    • Mobility and Flexibility
    • Rest and Recovery


Over a twelve-week period, you will complete the following:

    • 175 Rucking Miles, programmed weekly
    • 24 Workouts, ruck, core, and mobility; programmed weekly
    • 4 PATHFINDER Horizon™ Challenges


There are only four (4) Challenges for PATHFINDER Horizon™ and they are all required for completion. Challenges are already scheduled for your weekly programming. They are as follows:

    1. Timed Weighted Ruck
    2. Weighted Long Distance Ruck
    3. Conditioning Ruck
    4. Navigation Ruck


  • None, but it is STRONGLY SUGGESTED that you already have the discipline to maintain regular fitness activity six (6) times a week.


  • Classes begin on the 1st of every month and run for 12 weeks.


  • Upon purchase, get an Instant Download of our Program Success Guide
  • Complete Program Materials, Workout Library, and supporting documentation
  • Experienced Mentor Course Advisor who has successfully completed this training to assist in your planning and provide accountability
  • Access to private Facebook Class Page and Course Advisor Group
  • One (1) Discounted* Standard Tan Blank Roster Patch to write your Roster Number on and wear while you train. PLEASE NOTE: You must Order Separately - Add one to your cart here in order to receive this item. (Discounts are not combinable.)
  • Exclusive Finisher's Patch (upon successful completion of the program)


    • Rucksack (Backpack)
    • Weight: at least 30 pounds for individuals weighing 150 pounds or more, 20 pounds for individuals weighing under 150 pounds.