PATHFINDER Life - Beginner & Maintenance Training

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Get some consistency in your training if you're new to rucking, or slow down the pace for an off-season training plan. PATHFINDER works because YOU build it. We give you the requirements - miles, workouts, and Challenges - and you fit them into your calendar based on what works for YOU. Along the way, you'll get involved in our incredible community, meet inspiring mentors who are there to help if you need it, and all the tools to start on your path to rucking for life. PATHFINDER isn't a day-by-day workout plan ... because they don't work! Instead, build up your discipline and motivation through the guidance and support of the PATHFINDER team. We give you all the tools - you build them for your success.

PATHFINDER Life is perfect for all kinds of fitness needs - whether you are new to rucking or are returning after some time away.

Our PATHFINDER Life focus is on overall fitness, with rucking miles as a core pillar and flexible options that include other fitness disciplines. We have Challenges in PATHFINDER Life that test you, but don’t deplete you. We encourage workouts, but across a broad range of options that free you up to explore new things and enjoy working out!

After a PATHFINDER Life 90-day program, you’ll feel strong, refreshed, and ready to take on whatever comes next.

Read more about PATHFINDER Life here

PATHFINDER Life is flexible to meet your needs and works perfectly as a year-round program.


  • Individuals who are just beginning their fitness journey
  • Individuals moving into a training "off-season" or maintenance program
  • Individuals interested in rucking as fitness but have other current fitness goals or hobbies and seek a flexible, lower-commitment entry point
  • Individuals who are returning from injury or medical absence with a doctor's approval
  • Read more about PATHFINDER Life here


  • None, but it is suggested that you already have the discipline to maintain regular fitness activity at least two times per week.


  • Rucksack (Backpack)
  • Weight: There is no minimum weight requirement. We just ask that you put a slightly noticeable weight in your ruck to train with. (For most Life rosters, that winds up being between 6 - 12 lbs)


  • Upon purchase, get an Instant Download of our Program Success Guide
  • Complete Program Materials, Workout Library, and supporting documentation
  • Experienced Mentor Course Advisor who has successfully completed this training to assist in your planning and provide accountability
  • Access to private Facebook Class Page and Course Advisor Group
  • Exclusive Finisher's Patch (upon successful completion of the program)


    • Quarterly Classes begin on the 1st of February, May, August, and November and run for 12 weeks.


    Over a twelve-week period, you will complete the following:

    • 60 Rucking Miles
    • 12 Ruck Workouts
    • 3-6 PATHFINDER Life Challenges**


    You must complete three to six separate challenges from the options below:

    1. Mid-Distance Ruck
    2. Short Distance Run
    3. Increased Ruck Miles
    4. Firefighter Challenge
    5. Modified Coupon Ruck
    6. Double Workouts
    7. Yoga/Mobility Work
    8. Pre/Post Workout Miles
    9. Fitness Assessment
    10. Reading Challenge
    11. Charity Challenges (Register separately here.)

    ** Based on your personal fitness level and goals, the Life Challenges are on a sliding scale of completion.