PATHFINDER Life Guides New To Rucking Calendar

Being new to rucking is like being new to any other sport. It's exciting, there's new gear, new people, new lingo. If you're new to fitness altogether, there's an even more exciting component - considering how you'll grow. There's a lot to think about and plan. It can feel a little overwhelming wondering where to start.

We've put together a sample calendar with an imaginary roster that's new to rucking. They've been walking, maybe done a Couch-to-5K type program, and may have frequented their gym 2-3 times a week for a basic workout. They're injury-free and looking to get stronger, leaner and healthier, and yet not get overloaded with a more serious training plan.

We've had our sample roster stick with the 60 mile standard, divide their workouts among three months and select three Challenges. They can select up to six, and may add more later, but this is a good first step for them. They've decided to build their Life Calendar around their current responsibilities while they're learning how to fit this into their lives in a manageable way, so things aren't super regimented on their calendar.

The first Challenge they've selected is the Fitness Assessment. Our Life Fitness Assessment is a brief test to just see how many push-ups, sit-ups (or curl-ups), and squats they can do, plus a plank and a fast walk. There's no pass or fail here, and there's no one who's going to be judging the information. We all start somewhere, and the assessment is simply the relationship the roster has with the current day and their future results.

Our roster has also selected the Yoga/Mobility Challenge for overall strengthening and stress relief. Our roster has selected the Move Your Brain Challenge too, and has chosen a fun motivational book to keep their mindset growing as they start this new chapter of their fitness lives. They are considering adding the Firefighter Challenge to next month's calendar to begin building a stronger and broader fitness base. 

Download a full-size version of this sample calendar.