Picking your miles with PATHFINDER Life means you have options. You can choose to mix and match depending on your schedule. Your baseline for the 90-day cycle is 60 miles. You can trade in 30 miles for workouts with LifeFlex, or add miles to your programming with a Challenge (up to 90 miles).
Select any one of PATHFINDER Ruck Training’s workouts from our library. Or, choose to workout using ANY other plan or discipline you’d like to - the sky is the limit. Our guideline for making your workout count is simple: do 45 minutes of activity, either all at once or throughout the day and log it as a single workout with your choices in the Notes section.
Select between 3 to 6 Challenges to create a full PATHFINDER Life program. Our Life Challenges are designed to push you, but not deplete you. You can see the list of Challenges here.
There are as many ways to do PATHFINDER Life as there are Rosters.
See how PATHFINDER Life can work for you.
New To Rucking
Welcome! We're glad you've joined us. Getting started can be overwhelming, but we’ve put together resources to help you on your way. Kick off your rucking journey with this guide to help you make the most of PATHFINDER Life.
Taking An Off Season
Everyone deserves an off-season. If you’re just coming off a grueling training program, this is your area to learn how PATHFINDER Life can help you make the most of your down time.
I’ve Got A Busy Life
You’re busy...with life, jobs, maybe parenting, or you just really need a break to get your footing. This is your spot to discover how PATHFINDER Life fits in your plans and your unique schedule.
Returning From Injury
It’s comeback time! You’re healed up from and injury or medical absence and it’s time to get moving again. You’ve picked the right place to start! Read up on how to plan your newest success story.
With 11 Challenges to pick from, it’ll be easy to find ones that fit your life and schedule. We’ve got something for everyone, from 6-mile rucks to yoga/mobility, pre and post-workout miles and a fitness assessment to help you see where you’re starting and where you finished.