PATHFINDER Life Guides Life Changes Calendar

We designed this sample month-long program calendar to illustrate what fitting PATHFINDER Life could look like for your regular, every-day busy life. Hectic schedules, parenting, and/or trying to spin all the plates can feel exhausting on their own, and adding self-care into the mix can feel impossible sometimes. We've been there. 

We've had our sample roster divide their miles and workouts over the course of three months and select five Challenges to incorporate into their lives. While they're busy, this feels like a doable plan based on their needs (and of course, you can select just 3 Challenges and still meet the requirements to complete Life and get patched).

Our sample roster starts with the Fitness Assessment. You never know where you'll finish if you don't know where you started. Our roster is injury-free and in good shape, and uses the Assessment to chart their overall progress.

They have chosen the 1.5x Miles Challenge to add to their schedule. Their mileage has a small boost to 30 miles in a month from 20, if they were just doing standard miles alone. Their miles can be done with kids in tow, with their partner after a long day, or before sunrise. They have a toddler in a stroller, so they've selected the 4-Mile Coupon Challenge, and are planning to push that jogging stroller one Saturday on a moderate-length ruck, maybe at a quicker pace than they might otherwise. They're adding the Yoga/Mobility Challenge to their training calendar for overall well-being and stress relief. Lastly, they've selected the Move Your Brain Challenge and have picked a motivational audiobook they've been planning to listen to as they complete their miles.

Download a full-size version of this calendar.