PATHFINDER Life Guides Injury Recovery Calendar

Coming back after an injury or medical absence is tough. It's hard to know how much to expect of yourself, what coming back might look like, or how it might feel. There's a lot of unknowns, and sometimes, we expect a lot of ourselves too soon.

Below, find a sample calendar for what a month of PATHFINDER Life could look like for a roster who's on their way back after they've been cleared by their physician. While this calendar is a recommendation only, we want you to get a full picture of how Life can work for you.

We have our sample roster easing in here with the recommended three Challenges. The first Challenge this roster has selected is the Fitness Assessment. Why that? If you don't know where you start, you won't know how far you've come. An important note on the Fitness Assessment here: if you are returning from injury or surgery on any location that is impacted by the assessment exercises, be careful, if not avoid that part completely. Avoid pain. As you slowly restrengthen the area you're rehabbing, your strength will return, and you can self-assess accordingly.

We also have our sample roster selecting the Yoga/Mobility Challenge and a book for the Move Your Brain Challenge. Yoga and mobility work/stretching can really positively impact a variety of aspects of your comeback. It can help with keeping your body in alignment, gently strengthening your muscles, creating an overall sense of well-being and focus you on your mat, your path and your healing. The roster has also decided that due to their miles, their workouts and the yoga they've selected, they've reached their personal limit and have decided to put down their phones and Move their Brains with a good book as they wind down before bed. Sleep is regenerative and healing, and that's top priority for them right now. 

Download a full-size version of this sample calendar.