TAILBLAZER - For 4-Legged Companions

TAILBLAZER - For 4-Legged Companions

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NEW! PATHFINDER TailBlazer has been completely redone! We are excited to bring a new and more flexible TailBlazer plan to PATHFINDER, which is now VETERINARIAN APPROVED! 

Our pups have new Miles, Workouts, and Challenges just like the people-version of PATHFINDER, but in a way that allows for many more breeds of dogs and situations, from puppies to senior dogs. TailBlazer now also comes with an immediate PDF download for full program success! 

We have redesigned TailBlazer to focus on quality time with your dog, learning new skills, and having fun through pup "workouts" (that look suspiciously like play!). You will log your dog's efforts in their logs, just like you log your work, but their Finisher's patch will be sent upon program purchase because every dog deserves their treat for a job well done.


  • 4-Legged Fur Babies


  • TailBlazer is a companion program. Dogs cannot register without a human that is registered for a concurrent PATHFINDER Training Program.


  • A Leash


  • One (1) Standard Tan Blank Roster Patch (optional)*
  • NEW Exclusive Finisher's Patch that will be sent upon purchase of the program - every good dog deserves their treat!
  • Upon purchase, get an Instant Download of our Program Success Guide
  • One (1) Discounted* Standard Tan Blank Roster Patch to write your TailBlazer's Roster Number on and wear while you train. PLEASE NOTE: You must Order Separately - Add one to your cart here in order to receive this item. (Discounts are not combinable.)


  • Quarterly Classes begin on the 1st of February, May, August, and November and run for 12 weeks.


Over a twelve-week period, your pup will complete the following:

  • 12 x 20-minute walks
  • 12 x 10-minute walks
  • 6 x Outdoor "Workouts"
  • 6 x Indoor "Workouts"
  • 1 Required Challenge
  • 2 NEW Optional Challenges!


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