RUCK+ | Weighted Carries

Weighted carries are a foundational part of any GORUCK (or GORUCK-like) endurance Event. Many times, you will be tasked with carrying items in your hands, on your forearms, or on your ruck or back, and you should be familiar with the work. Part of this workout includes the ACFT "Sprint-Drag-Carry" drills, modified for a recreational athlete. (But if you have a sled, that's super cool and I'm jealous.) This workout requires a bit more equipment than most PATHFINDER workouts, but it's well worth putting these things together for an effective workout.

If you notice during this workout you need to work on grip strength, tools like this can really quickly improve your finger and palm strength.


  • Line markers - This can be achieved with chalk, cones, or whatever miscellaneous markers that make sense. You will mark out 25 meters, or 82 feet.
  • Something to drag In the ACFT drag, a weighted sled is used. There are many, many ways you can modify thing to items you have.
    • Using webbing material or a nylon rope with enough length to wrap through your object and doubled up is necessary. We would encourage 16-20 feet.
    • A weighted plate (either a ruck or barbell plate), a tire, a heavy dumbbell, or a homemade sled.
  • Kettlebell or Heavier Dumbbell While the ACFT Carry requires a 40lb KB, if you don't have one or it's too heavy for you, use what you have. A half-full bucket of rocks and gravel is also fine for this movement.

NOTES: 1 lap = walk down and walk back



3 x Rounds of:


  • Hi Deanna! You’ll need to click the links in order to see the full descriptions for each movement. Under “Equipment You’ll Need,” it specifies “You will mark out 25 meters, or 82 feet.” Easiest way is with a Measure app that will do the work for you, or of course a measuring tape, or just guesstimate with paces. You complete the Sprint-Drag-Carry first, then your exercises and carries.

  • I don’t understand what to do for the dragging part. When am I doing it and for how far? I only see carries listed in the actual workout. Unless I’m reading it wrong?


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