RUCK+ | First Week

Welcome to PATHFINDER's RUCK+ series. RUCK+ is meant to be about miles + work OR ruck + minimal other tools, like sandbags. We're focusing on miles + work this week.

Your first mile is meant to be a warm-up pace, however you define that for yourself right now. Regardless of your program, only complete the warm-up mile once. Once that mile is up, move over to the side of the path or wherever you're rucking to do the exercises safely. Packing gloves in your ruck should be a rule, but if you don't already have them in there (along with a basic first aid kit), you'll want to have them before you head out. Mechanix are our favorite, but garden gloves work great in a pinch.

The half miles in between exercises are meant to be your first intervals work of this class. A fast ruck is typically described as any pace less than 15:xx/mile. If you're not there, push your pace to a spot where your breathing is deeper, your heart is pumping and you feel cardio at work.

The final full mile can be whatever pace works for you. Some of you might choose to make that a cool down mile, while others can push on. The work rounds should be completed according to your class, so Forward will work for 3 miles, Endure for 6 miles, and Advanced for 9 miles. Life rosters should select the workout that best suits their current fitness level.

What are the exercises for this workout?

Deep Goblet Ruck Squats Get into a wide-stanced sumo squat position with toes pointed slightly outwards. Holding your ruck in both hands close to your chest, squat deeply and then stand back up again. If your heels lift, don't squat as deeply.

Push-Ups Should you do them with or without a ruck? If you're new to push-ups, put your ruck to the side. Your push-up form comes first before you add weight. If you've been doing push-ups for a while, put the ruck on and challenge yourself. If you need to push-up on your knees again while you work on your strength, that's fine. If you want to get there faster, plank with your ruck randomly during the day, and work on negatives -- on your toes, using steady control on the down, and use your knees as you push-up.

Ruck Upright Rows Standing tall, tight core (remember your core is more than your ab muscles! It's your abs, back muscles, hips and glutes), ruck handle in both handles near your pelvis. Using both arms, bring the ruck up to under your chin and back down. Body control is important here - going fast means you're more likely to be sloppy.

Single Arm Ruck Lawnmowers Rows With feet spread like you're starting a lawnmower, rest an elbow near the base of your quad muscle (not your knee!). Twist slightly for a good range of motion as you bring your ruck up and down, like you're pulling the starter on a lawnmower.


Life & Forward : 1 x Round - total of 3 miles

Endure : 2 x Rounds - total of 5 miles

Advanced + : 3 x Rounds - total of 7 miles

*only complete warm up mile once

1 Mile Warm-up Mile

.50 mile Fast Ruck

.50 mile Fast Ruck

  • 15 x Single Arm Lawnmower Ruck Row (left)
  • 25 x Flutter Kicks
  • 15 x Single Arm Lawnmower Ruck Row (right)

1 Mile Ruck

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  • Mountain climbers and flutter kicks Hard count?


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