RUCK+ | Use Your Environment

Our RUCK+ today is all about using the environment around you. Often during events, you'll wind up using park equipment and natural materials (I'm looking at you, random logs, rocks, playground equipment, benches, too-small-for-you slides...the list is long) to make things all the more fun. If you haven't trained using this equipment, or only sparingly, find a reason to incorporate them into your training today. 

Sure, you can do push-ups on the ground. But why not try them with your feet elevated on a rock or bench? Find a random log or 'baby boulder' to use for your walking lunges. Create additional resistance by placing a large rock atop your ruck for platter serves, or in your ruck for Russian Twists. Be That Guy and use a fountain for your walking lunges. Be curious today about creative implements to further your training. I can guarantee you your cadre would have.

This workout is quartered into segments. Ruck at your normal pace for .25, complete the exercises for the segment, and then shuffle .25 mi. A shuffle is not a run. Complete the workout in 2-4 rounds, depending on your time and fitness capacity.

THE WORK x 2-4 Rounds (for 2-4 miles)

Ruck .25 mi

  • 15 x Ruck Push-ups
  • 15 x Step-ups
    • (this can be on anything from a curb, stump or a large rock, a picnic table, or a set of stairs - look at what's around you and make use of your environment. If you need to go a little further or backtrack to a better spot - do so.)

Shuffle .25mi

Ruck .25

  • 25 x Ruck Platter Serves
  • 25 x Ruck Curls

Shuffle .25

  • 15 x Triceps Dips
    • (use your environment for this too - a park bench is the obvious choice, but stairs, safe curbs, boulders, bleachers, etc. are just as viable) Wear your ruck on your front
  • 15 x Ruck Russian Twists

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