This workout is from Team Spearhead's Kathy M., Roster 5-083, PATHFINDER 005...way back in 2015. We've got four rounds of four exercises with your current standard ruck weight as another great basic, but effective, workout. Always remember: your form is your #1 priority.

For your interval ruck - you're on your own. Why? Practice, grasshoppers. Decide how long you want your intervals to be (miles, or minutes, your choice) and then decide how you'll facilitate the interval. Always start with a warm-up half mile at least, and then decide how you'll pace yourself. You know what you need to work on. It is longer intervals? Or shorter, fast bursts of speed? Listen to your legs and feel your cardio output to decide how much you really do have in your tank, and gauge your intervals based on your feeling.


4 x rounds:

Followed by a 4 mile interval ruck

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