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Sleigh bells ring... are you listening...?

In this case, though, you'll be slaying bells.

Kettlebells are easily my #1 favorite workout implement. They're also great for rucking with, and in this workout, you can choose to either replace your ruck plate with your kettlebells or add them to your already-weighted ruck.

You'll want to use a sidewalk or trail where you'll be comfortable being "That Guy/Gal" throwing bells around, or using your yard/garage as homebase to ruck back and forth from. You'll also be carrying the kettlebells for the mileage portion of your workout, so it's helpful to have gloves.

You will ruck for 3 total miles. Kettlebell (KB) carrying instructions are in the workout description.

Always complete your warm-up prior to the workout for the best muscle activation. You want your body ready and injury proofed before starting any workout.

We're fans of Mechanix Tactical Gloves and Yes4All Kettlebells.

*If you don't have kettlebells, use what you have! Dumbbells and ruck plates work just as well and the exercise form is exactly the same.


10 x reps Bird Dogs HARD COUNT
10 x reps Plank Hand Crossovers HARD COUNT
10 x reps Toy Soldiers HARD COUNT
10 x reps Bodyweight Squats
1 mile WARM-UP RUCK Slow pace to start, increasing in pace at half mile point.


WORKOUT x 2 Rounds

12 x reps Kettlebell Deadlift
12 x reps Kettlebell Goblet Squat
12 x reps Mountain Climbers HARD COUNT
.50 mile FAST PACE RUCK Carry weight in hands, arms, or across your ruck. Switch positions often.


12 x reps Kettlebell Swings
12 x reps Kettlebell Upright Rows*
12 x reps Burpee with Push-Up
.50 mile KB Farmer's Carry Wearing ruck, Farmer's Carry your KB(s) for the half mile.


*KB Upright rows can be completed with one kettlebell as well. Hold both sides of the bell horns. Make sure shoulders stay low and elbows go no further than shoulder joint.

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