RUCK+ | Sandbag Sally

Sally is just a classic. The first time I heard it at a Crossfit box, I was so confused (and a little weirded out to be honest.) And then I did it, and it became a GOAT-style workout for me. So today, we’ve got a Sally-style Sandbag RUCK+. We’ll start with the classic squat/lift/hold repetition, and then we will keep those Hammies/Glutes/Quads aflame. 🍑

*and if you don’t have a SB, not to worry. Use whatever cute little implement works for you — a tire, a ruck full of cast iron/bricks/books, a big kettlebell or a barbell.


  • "Flower" by Moby
  • Ruck
  • Sandbag


Single Leg SB (Sandbag) Romanian Deadlift Your hip is a hinge. Holding the sandbag in both hands, weight in your left leg (or right, if you're on that one), hinge forward at the hip, firing your glutes and hamstrings in the weighted, stable leg. Go as close to parallel as you can, and then drive back up through your stable leg. Keep your floating leg from touching the ground.

Devil Press Your sandbag is on the ground. Jump down into a Burpee, push-up on your sandbag, hop up, holding onto the handles. Bring your sandbag up into an overhead press, and then drop it clear onto the floor. That's rep 1.

SB (Sandbag) Lateral Deadlifts This is a side lunge, sandbag style. Holding the sandbag in both hands, perform the lateral deadlift on the left, and then the right side. This movement is a hard-count, which is 1,1,2,2,3,3....

SB (Sandbag) Glute Bridge Laying on your back, have your sandbag horizontally across your pelvic bones (Iliac crest). Your knees should be bent, with both feet flat on the floor, feet near your glutes. Squeeze your glutes as you lift your hips off the floor, hold for 3, and then slowly bring your hips back down.


If you're a Sally virgin:
  • Download/YouTube “Flower” by Moby. 
  • Every time the lyrics say bring Sally down, squat with your sandbag. Hold your SB in the squat position until…
  • Every time the lyrics say bring Sally up, bring it up.

It’s a great 3:30 warmup. Once you’re finished, crank up whatever music you want, and let’s get into the red meat:

WORKOUT x 3 rounds

  • 12 x Single Leg SB Romanian Deadlift - LEFT LEG ONLY
  • 12 x Devil Press (sandbag and ruck are “easiest” for this)
  • 12 x Single Leg SB RDL - RIGHT LEG ONLY
  • 12 x SB Lateral Deadlifts
  • 12 x SB Glute Bridge

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