RUCK+ | Run + Ruck + Run

Whoah! There's a lot going on with this title! I have been getting tons of DMs and emails about running, so we're going to toss this one on the fire today and see how many get lit up with this WOD!

The ideal location for this workout is a track (if you've got access to a school track *well after-hours* yall, no creeping), but a treadmill, residential street or even back-and-forth from your parked vehicle are equally as useful. You'll need to set up an area as "Home Base," which is where you'll do all your exercises. (So make sure you're picking a safe spot to move around in if you're outdoors.)

The time cap for this RUCK+ WOD is 60 minutes. This means you set your watch, do everything as quickly as you can, and when time is up, pack it up and hit the showers.

"How fast should I ruck and run?" Shuffle ruck is ideal. (Watch this Ruck.Beer video on good ruck shuffle form.) Running speed is your own here -- if you're new to running, just jog it out. If you're a regular runner, hit your regular stride and speed. We're essentially playing with Intervals throughout this workout, so that means you can vary your pace as well. Since the run and ruck times are *so short* in this workout, really take full advantage of the opportunity to push it!


  • Ruck + weight of your choice (training for an upcoming <3mos out Event? Use the Event weight)
  • Gloves (Optional, but you might want them)


RUCK THRUSTERS Sit back into your squat, ruck in hands, elbows to sides. On rising out of your squat, lift your ruck up overhead. This video is using dumbbells, the movement cues and muscles used STILL apply. Just keep hands on both sides of your ruck.

GOBLET LATERAL LUNGE In the video, the demo is completed with a dumbbell. The same movement patterns apply when holding a ruck. Hold the ruck under your chin, hands holding the left and right sides of the ruck.

BENT OVER RUCK ROW Begin by standing, feet hip width apart. Holding your ruck at the top and bottom, one side in each hand, hinge forward from the hips engaging your abs. You should be looking just up and out. Bring your arms/ruck down to a controlled hang. As you bring your ruck up to your chest, keep your elbows tight to your sides and squeeze your lat muscles at the top of each movement.

RUCK-OUT JUMPING JACKS We all know the regular jumping jacks, where your hands clap overhead. With this move, we are holding our ruck in both hands and on each jump out, you bring your ruck out to straight arms, and jump in, bring your ruck to your chest, elbows tight to sides. Keep the movement controlled.

RUCK RUSSIAN TWISTS Seated on the ground, knees bent, feet flat, hold ruck in both hands. Lean far enough back to engage your core. Do not let your spine round! Twist JUST YOUR CORE (not your hips!) and touch your ruck to the ground next to your hip, and then twist your core to the opposite side and touch your ruck down on the ground there. You may lift your feet, but it is not recommended if your back rounds at all. 


  • Begin with 5:00 minute WARM UP ruck out and back to your home base -- Not worried about distance here. Just get the blood moving.
  • 8:00 minute run - out and back - go fast! (whatever that means for you!)
  • 8:00 minute ruck - shuffle it!
    • 12 x Bent Over Ruck Row
    • 12 x Ruck-Out Jumping Jacks
    • 12 x Ruck Russian Twists
  • 8:00 minute run - out and back - go fast! (whatever that means for you!)
  • End with 5:00 minute COOL DOWN ruck out and back

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