Lyell and I are originally from New Orleans, even though we now live in North Carolina. When we were children, we always heard tales of the Cajun Swamp Monster, the Rougarou. A centuries-old folktale that began in medieval France, the Rougarou must've hidden aboard a boat bound for America with the French to the swamps of Louisiana. Some say a 101 day curse is given by this huge, destructive quasi-werewolf, unless you can pass the curse on to someone else...

Since you're reading this, tag, you're it, cher! Cursed!

The legend goes you can ward off the Rougarou by leaving 13 objects because apparently they can't count after 12. Seriously. Thirteen exercises of thirteen reps work just as well, with some ruck miles thrown in for good measure. Trust us. We're from Louisiana.

You'll want to make your ruck an out-and-back loop, unless you want to do the workout on the path you're rucking. Always be sure to do your warm-up prior to beginning your workout to avoid injury.

This workout is written as a 1 Round workout because miles are included for time constraints. If you're looking for more, complete 3 Rounds of each exercise segment and increase your mileage as needed.


  • Soft count: 1, 2, 3, 4 ... this is when both (or all) limbs perform the exercise at the same time.
  • Hard count: 1,1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4...this is when only one limb does work at a time.
  • Each Side: Do all reps on one side before switching to complete all reps on the other side.



10 x reps Inchworms
10 x reps Mountain Climbers HARD COUNT
10 x reps Bodyweight Squats
10 x paces Alternating Lateral Lunge Walk HARD COUNT



13 x reps Goblet* 1 1/4 Squats
13 x reps Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts HARD COUNT
13 x reps Overhead* Reverse Lunges HARD COUNT
.50 mile Ruck - warm up pace
13 x reps Weighted Push-Ups
13 x reps Hammer Curls*
13 x reps Floor Press*
.50 mile Ruck - Regular pace
13 x reps Mountain Climbers - FAST HARD COUNT
13 x reps Prisoner Squat Jumps
13 x reps Lateral Squat Jumps HARD COUNT
13 x reps Burpees
.50 mile Ruck - Fast pace
13 x reps Plank Arm March HARD COUNT
13 x reps Half Get Ups SOFT COUNT
13 x reps Reverse Crunches
.50 mile Ruck - Cool down pace


*If the demo uses dumbbells, you can use those, your ruck, or any evenly distributed weight, or choose to do the exercise as bodyweight only. The cueing will all be the same. If you are using a ruck for an exercise, like a curl, place your hands on both side of the ruck in the cued hand grip in the demonstration video.

If you're ever in New Orleans, there is a terrifying replica of the Rougarou that has now scared generations of children, including the Petersen kids, at the Audubon Zoo. It scarred our kids so much that they now all have and wear Rougarou t-shirts like a survival trophy.

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