RUCK+ | Pick Your Poison

It's almost Halloween! Just in time for this workout. It can be as hard or as light-weight as you want it to be and there's plenty of room to scale it as needed. This is also an ideal workout to use as an active recovery bodyweight-only WOD.

Beginners or Active Recovery:

Begin with a 1 mile warm up, use your ruck or lighter dumbbells for all exercises, complete 3 rounds and end with 2 miles.


Warm up with 1 mile at warm-up pace before transitioning to your second mile at a quicker pace. Check your splits to make sure you've increased time. Use your full-weight ruck for 4-5 rounds before heading out for another 3-4 miles. Begin your second mileage segment at a fast pace and slowly wind down on the last mile.

Exercises I Need to Know

Ruck Squat to Bicep Curl Begin by standing, feet hip-width apart, knee tracking over your second toe. Hold your ruck out with straight arms. As you squat, weight in your heels and knees steady, curl your ruck up.

Single Leg RDL This exercise is great for body control and single-leg stability. (Also known as the Single Leg Deadlift OR Single Leg Romanian Deadlift) Begin by standing, feet hip width apart, ruck held by both hands with the handle. Hinge forward at your hips as you lift one leg off the ground (and making sure that the standing foot is grounded and stable) behind you. Your ruck will come to the ground as your foot raises. Make sure your hips are level and the left and right sides of your hips point to the ground. This movement is best done slowly until you get the hang of it. If you'd like to take it up a notch, hold your ruck handle by the opposite hand of the leg you are lifting as demonstrated with this video and the use of the ammo can.

Stiff Leg Deadlift (or Straight Leg Deadlift) A stiff legged deadlift is like a two-leg RDL. Begin by standing, feet hip-width apart, with your ruck held by its handle in both hands at your hips. Your knees should be soft but not bent. Hinge at the hips (not bend at the waist), sticking your butt out and firing your glutes and hamstrings as you bring your ruck to the ground. Rise using the same muscles.

4-Count Ruck Overhead Flutter Kicks Lay on your back, ruck above you, held by both hands with straight arms. Lift your head and upper shoulders off the ground, and you lift both feet and flutter your feet like a swimmer.


  • Ruck 1-3 Miles

WORKOUT x 3-5 Rounds

  • 14 x Ruck Squat to Bicep Curl
  • 14 x Single Leg RDL (LEFT)
  • 14 x Ruck Swings
  • 14 x Single Leg RDL (RIGHT)
  • 14 x Stiff Leg Deadlift
  • 14 x 4-Count Ruck Overhead Flutter Kicks

Ruck 2-4 Miles

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