RUCK+ | My Brain Hurts

Our RUCK+ today is a mile, a set of (mostly) compound movements, and another mile to cap it off. This is a great workout to work your brain as well as your body. We don't often note this, but the ability to think and use your brain while exercising is a key ingredient to Event success (as well as general longevity). This is a great workout to practice that skill.

What are the exercises I need to know today?

Ruck Rotational Deadlifts This works best with a heavier ruck or even a sandbag. The bag rests near the ankle of your left foot. Standing tall, core engaged, quads and glutes at the ready. In a deadlift position, rotate your core and squat to pick up the bag at your left. Stand up strong, bag in hands, as you rotate to face forward. Then rotate to your right to leave the ruck at your right ankle, and rotate back up for your first rep.

Ruck Goblet Squats to Alternating Lunge (aka Squat/Lunge/Lunge) Hold your ruck against your chest horizontally in your palms, arms tight to your sides, elbows bent. Squat down into a goblet squat, stand back up, and perform a stationary lunge with your left leg, and then your right. That's one rep.

Ruck Sit-Ups to Overhead Press In sit-up position, ruck in your hands, lay back for the downward motion of the sit-up. As you sit-up straight, simultaneously press your ruck overhead.

Ruck Hop-Over Burpees Perform burpee with ruck on the ground in front of you. Hop over the ruck after your completed burpee to perform one on the other side.

  • Front hop for Forward
  • Side (lateral) hop for Endure
  • Lateral Tuck Jump for Advanced


      • Ruck
      • Stairs or sturdy box-jump box 

* Miles count towards Pre/Post Miles Challenge in this workout. Reference the WOD name in your notes.


Ruck 1 mi

Ruck 1 mi

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