RUCK+ | Driveway Dynamo

A lot of us workout super early in the morning from our garages and driveways. This week's RUCK+ includes rucks from your workout location out-and-back, and then completion of a set of reps before heading out again.

Make your time count! This workout should take anywhere from 50 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on your speed and commitment. Rosters are strongly encouraged to execute fast (and clean, good form) reps for the most benefit.

NOTE: If you are training for an upcoming Event, do your burpees with your ruck and complete your Flutter Kicks with your ruck overhead, hands holding your ruck parallel with your shoulders.


10 Minute Fast Ruck*

*Make sure 2-5 of those minutes you're building pace from warm-up.

8 minute Fast Ruck

6 minute Fast Ruck

10 Minute Cool Down Ruck


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