This is a fun workout, and a true "choose your own adventure." (CYOA) (Also maybe a Cover Your Own Ass getting Event-ready...?)

RUCK+ can mean all kinds of things, and today, it means we use your random weights (plates, kettlebells, heavy dumbbells, that old Coupon in your garage you sneer at every time you look at it). I don't want you to use anything dangerous (looking at you, Mr. Dead Window AC) or too heavy (this isn't the workout for your 120 SB). You will be moving the weight around your head too, so you may need to pick a secondary weight for that motion.

We also include a cardio component in this workout. That again can mean different things -- you may have a rower, a spin bike (or road bike), or treadmill. You can choose to sprint, or do plyometric movements like jump squats. The choice is YOURS here, and every workout will be different. Just pick the thing, and dig in.

When you're finished, post those weights/cardio pics to our Facebook page!

NOTE: Some demo videos may include the use of a plate, sandbag, kettlebell or other weighted implement. The mechanics of the exercise still apply to a ruck.


GROUND TO OVERHEADS Begin standing hip width apart (or slightly wider, depending on the size of your weight). The weight should be on the ground between your feet. Squat to lift, using glutes, hamstrings and core, to lift the object to standing, and then bring it overhead. Your weight should be something that you can control on the descend as you squat to bring your weight back down to the ground.

HALOS Hold your weight at your chest, standing feet hip width apart, core engaged. Lift your arms with bent elbows and with two hands on the weight, bring the weight to your shoulder and rotate the object around your head.

SWINGS Holding the weight in both your hands, this motion is just like a ruck or kettlebell swing.

LUNGE TWIST W/ WEIGHT Holding your weight in both hands, step out into a lunge, heel directing the movement, and tap your knee to the ground (or split squat if you're still working on a full lunge). As you tap, twist your core to one side with the weight against your chest. OPTIONAL: In the twist, bring the weight out in front as a standing chest press.

PLANK JACKS NO WEIGHT In plank position (hands or elbows is fine), jump your legs out and in like a jumping jack. Out and in = 1 rep.

WEIGHTED RUSSIAN TWISTS Seated on the ground, knees bent, feet flat, hold the weight to your chest with bent elbows. As your twist, bring the weight from hip to hip.


Cardio starter: use what you got
Row, sprint, run, spin for 5 min warm-up — we will be back so don’t put it away!

THE WORKOUT x 3 Rounds

3:00 Cardio Sprint (whatever equipment you just used)

3:00 cardio sprint

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