RUCK+: Core + Miles

This workout is 4 rounds of 2 sets of 2 core exercises with a 1 mile ruck in between each round. 

Your core is foundational for good ruck posture. (If you haven't read our 7 Tips for Better Rucking Posture post, now's a great time!) Your core is more than just your abdominal muscles -- it's all of the muscles in your trunk, including your glutes.

Having a strong core is important for more than just rucking though. Strong core muscles maintain your balance, transfer force and stress (rather than put the weight on your spine), and stabilizes key structures. If you've ever experienced low back pain, weakness or hip issues, a strong midsection is crucial for improvement and further injury protection and prevention.


  • Ruck with weight

  • Ab wheel (if you have one. Otherwise, note the modification)


Each exercise should be completed for 1:00. After two rounds of the two exercises have been completed, head out on your mile.

ROUND 1 x 2 Sets of each exercise

--- 1 Mile RUCK ---

ROUND 2 x 2 Sets

--- 1 MILE RUCK ---

ROUND 3 x 2 Sets

--- 1 Mile RUCK ---

ROUND 4 x 2 Sets

--- 1 MILE RUCK ---

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