BEGINNER | Ruck Core & Lower Body

This beginner workout is great if you're looking for core and lower body. If you'd like to do the workout, but are still increasing your strength and ability, this workout may be performed as just bodyweight.

(Keep good posture your main focus as you increase speed. Good posture means: eyes looking ahead, ears in line with your shoulders, lean forward slightly at the hips and feet pointed forward.)

Some video demonstrations do not include a ruck or weight. The mechanics of the exercise are still the same. Always tighten your core and perform each exercise with as good a form as you can.

1 Mile Ruck at a warm-up pace

 3 Rounds of:

    2:00 Rest

    3 Rounds of:

    1 Mile Ruck cool down


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    • On the side plank left – What is “Tripod your knee if needed”?

      Mike Sutton

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