RUCK+ : Chupacabra

Today's RUCK+ workout is our Chupacabra. It's our dark little metaphorical workout version of a terrifying monster (or a coyote with really bad mange). In any case, it's a blood sucker.

We've got a lot going on in this workout, but I promise it's so worth it. Our distance total is 2 miles. You can choose to attack this a few ways:

  • Beginners: Do the full workout with 1 round of exercises
  • Int: Do 2 miles + 2 rounds (2 rounds per half mile) OR
  • Adv: Do four miles + 4 Rounds (1 round per half mile group)

What exercises do I need to know?

Offset Walking Lateral Lunges

  • Stand tall, core engaged.
  • Rack your ruck by the handle in your left hard, bringing your elbow tightly to your waist and your ruck laying on the outside of your arm.
  • Bring your right arm out to the side for balance. 
  • Laterally (side) lunge to the right. 
  • Stand, bringing your feet together. Squeeze your glutes.

Deep Squat Shoulder-to-Shoulder Ruck Press You may need to stop and drop weight for this if you are still working on core strength. Drop into a deep squat and lift your ruck overhead. Bring your ruck to your right shoulder, and then your left shoulder, for one rep. You can stand between reps, or for a bigger challenge, stay squatting for the entire movement.

Bear Crawl Ruck Drags In bear crawl position, with your ruck on the ground slightly in front of your hands, crawl two short paces over your ruck. Reach your arm under your body, pull the ruck from behind you (between your feet) to in front, even with your hands again. Alternate hands each pull. This is a hard-count exercise.

Burpee Ruck Hops Lay your ruck on the ground in front of you. Perform your burpee. Jump over your ruck. Perform another burpee.



Ruck .50 mile with ruck on back

1 - 2 x Rounds

  • 15 x Offset Walking Lateral Lunges - Left Leg
  • 15 x Ruck Deadlifts (Holding ruck sideways, hands at top and bottom of ruck)

Ruck .50 mile with ruck on front

1 - 2 x Rounds

  • 15 x Offset Walking Lateral Lunges - Right Leg
  • 10 x Deep Squat Shoulder-to-Shoulder Ruck Press

Ruck .50 mile carrying ruck front-loaded (holding it in your arms)

1 - 2 x Rounds

  • 15 x Bear Crawl Ruck Drags (per side)
  • 15 x Ruck Overhead Presses

Ruck .50 mile with ruck on back

1 - 2 x Rounds

  • 15 x Ruck Swings
  • 10 x Burpee Ruck Hops

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