RUCK+ | 45 or Bust

The RUCK+ workout for today is a little unique. It's a 21-15-9 workout (21 reps of everything, then 15, then 9) for 2-5 Rounds OR a 45-Minute time cap. Why did we include the time cap and not just make the workout an AMRAP? We want you to first prioritize how many rounds you can get in. If you complete your designated rounds and are done in less than 45 minutes, awesome! If you plan to complete more and get to the 45 minute mark with work left still to do, time's up.

This workout is composed of three full-body moves. Over, and over, and over again. :)  Dig in, get committed, and get your mind right.


  • Ruck with weight
  • Sandbag (40-60 for under 150lbs, 60-90+ over 150lbs is our preference, but use what you've got. MOD: If you do not have a sandbag, add weight to your ruck.)


SANDBAG DEADLIFTS Make sure your sandbag is heavy today — we are recommending 40-60 lbs for under 150lbs, 60-90+ for over 150lbs. MOD: If you do not have a sandbag, add weight to your ruck.

BURPEES Do I use a ruck or not? This question gets asked all the time. The answer is always this: If you're training for an Event, YES. If you're "just" working out: NO. Can you choose to wear one if you want to? Of course.


21-15-9 x 2-5 Rounds OR 45-Minute Time Cap


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