Partner Ruck Workout #7

Partner Ruck Workout: The “PBRC” – PATHFINDER

Inspired by the PBRC who are getting after it for PATHFINDER.

“P” is for Push Ups and Plank
Partner A: Max Ruck Push Ups or 20 (whichever comes first)
Partner B: Plank for duration…when A quits then switch
Go through 4 Rounds

“B” is for Burpee and Broad Jumps
Partner A: Ruck Burpees x 10
Partner B: Broad Jumps (no ruck) x 10
When both are done, switch.
Go through 4 Rounds

“R” is for Ruck Ups, Ruck Curls, and Runs
Partner A: Ruck Ups (Think deadlift to overhead press) x 10
Partner B: Ruck Curls x 15
Go through 4 Rounds….Then
100 yard sprints x 4 (No ruck)

“C” is for Cool Down
Partner A: 50 Jumping Jacks (no ruck)
Partner B: 50 Flutter Kicks (ruck overhead)
Switch…Go through 2 rounds

Lock legs and perform 2 sets of 25 Sit Ups

3 rounds of Overhead Hold 1 minute, Plank 1 minute

Fist Bumps and High fives.

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