INT/ADV | The Steamroller

It's really not going to be a mystery why this workout was named "The Steamroller" by the time you're done. Pavement, meet roster.

While 20 reps per exercise is at the outer limits of a good idea in workout program design, for this workout, it's exactly what a rucker might need. For an Intermediate level athlete, it's a good idea to get high rep workouts in a few times per PATHFINDER Class cycle. This is a great place to apply the 80/20 rule - 80% of your workouts should be well within your grasp or just slightly above your level. 20% of them should leave you on the ground.

Ideally, you should be working with enough weight that anything over 14 reps feels dodgy, but a 35-40lb ruck is light enough to test those boundaries with this range.


  • You should be wearing a ruck for the push-ups, mountain climbers, and salute plank.
  • You should be holding your ruck for the jump squats, rotational lunges, and you may hold your ruck with straight arms over your head for the reverse crunches.
  • If you're at a more advanced level of fitness, go for 4, or even 5, rounds of this workout.


  • 1 mile ruck (up to 3 miles)


20 x reps Weighted Ruck Push-Ups
20 x reps Prisoner Squat Jumps
20 x reps Mountain Climbers HARD COUNT
20 x reps Rotational Lunges HARD COUNT
20 x reps Reverse Crunches
20 x reps Salute Plank


  • 1 mile ruck (up to 3 miles)

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