INT/ADV | Walls & Legs

You will want access to a wall (one you won’t mind scuffing, preferably outdoors) and a bench for this workout. You will do two rounds of three exercises before going on to 1 cardio/wall round. Then, complete the next two rounds of three exercises.

Want more of a challenge? Do two rounds of cardio/wall and three rounds of each exercise.

What exercises do I need to know?

Ruck Jack Presses As your legs jump out in a jumping jack, press your ruck in the air. As you jump in, bring your ruck level with your chest, for 1.

Lunge with Front Kick This can be done with or without a ruck. (Preferred is without for better stability) Lunge back with your left leg, then bring it out into a kick. Then do your right leg for 1 rep count.

Jump Squats Squat low and explode up into your jump. Keep prisoner hands.

Wall Plank with Ruck Wearing your ruck, kneel down with your feet pressed against a wall. Walk out into your plank, and walk your feet up the wall until they are even with your hips.

Ruck Bird Dogs This is a core stability exercise, and wearing your ruck makes this much more challenging because one of your goals is for your ruck to not move or slip. Get on all fours, flat, strong back and core. It’s an excellent exercise for your brain as well.

Plank Rotations (aka Hinge to side plank) In plank position, raise your right arm up and out as you rotate to a side plank. Keep your hips stable as you rotate (make sure they do not drop excessively). Bring your right arm back down, and rotate to the left side for 1 rep count.

Single Leg Weighted Bulgarian Split Squat Stand, resting a foot behind you on a bench (picnic table, curb, etc). Make sure your toes are in contact with the bench, not the top of your foot. Your grounded foot should be slightly ahead of your hips to allow space to dip into a squat lunge.  It’s your choice to hold your ruck in your arms or wear it.

Wall Walk Beginning in Wall Plank position, without a ruck, use your core and shoulder strength to carefully begin to walk up and down the wall. How high is up to you. If vertical movement is easy, try plank walking horizontally, left and then right, hands following your feet as you “walk” the wall.


2 x Rounds of 3 exercises

  • 15 x Ruck Jack Presses
  • 15 x Lunge with Front Kick
  • 15 x Jump Squats

1 x Round

2 x Rounds of 3 exercises

1 x Round

2 x Rounds of 3 exercises

1 x Round

*Exercise name was changed for clarity but it is the same exercise.

** Shown in demo with sandbag but the movement is still the same.

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