INT/ADV | TSH Six is Sexy

6" is an abdominal hold. On your back, hands under your hips if they need support, raise your feet 6" off the ground. That's it! There's one ruck overhead compound movement with a short 6" hold, then bring your knees into your chest and straighten, and then another strict 6" hold. It almost sounds too simple. Try it and you'll think differently!


OVERHEAD SQUATS Holding your ruck in both hands, raise your ruck up overhead. In this position, it's ok to raise your shoulders/shoulder blades to help assist the hold. Your biceps/shoulders should be touching your ears. Sit down into your squat, keeping the ruck overhead. Focus on sitting BACK into your squat, rather than allowing the weight of the ruck to bring you forward or onto your toes. Squeeze your glutes as your drive up from the lowered squat position.

6" THEN KNEES TO CHEST Laying on your back, raise your feet 6" off the ground. Your arms can be out at your sides, or in a diamond pattern under your low back for support. Utilize your lower abs as you hold this position


6 Rounds with a ruck

  • 6 x Burpees
  • 6 x Push Ups
  • 6 x Squats
  • 6 x Lunges (both legs)
  • 6 x Thrusters
  • 6 x Overhead Squats

6 Rounds with a ruck

  • 6 x Sit ups (ruck on chest)
  • 6 x Flutter kicks (holding ruck overhead)
  • 6 x Leg lifts (holding ruck overhead)
  • 6 x Crunches (holding ruck overhead)
  • 6 x 6″ to Reverse Crunch (6″, bend hip and knees to chest while holding ruck overhead)
  • 60 second hold at 6″

6 Rounds with a ruck

  • 6 x Ruck curls
  • 6 x Ruck ground to overhead
  • 6 x Overhead Tricep extension
  • 6 x Overhead Ruck presses
  • 6 x Ruck swings (Kettlebell swings)
  • 6 x Ruck upright rows

6 Mile ruck if ya got it in you…

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