INT/ADV | TSH "Does This Count?"

This is a TSH workout from 2015...and it is stiiiiiinky. The recommended ruck weight for this WOD is 30/20. (30lb weighted ruck if you're over 150lbs, 20lbs if you're under 150lbs) It is an otherwise uncomplicated workout with some solid, standard moves. It's a little ugly, but it'll get the job done!


Circuit x 7 with Challenge weight:

10 x Squat (alternate ruck front/back each set)
10 x Overhead Ruck Press
10 x Ruck Thrusters

Circuit x 5:
10 x Bent Over Rows
10 x Overhead Triceps Extension
10 x Russian Twists

Circuit x 3:
10 x Ruck-Overhead Lunges (per leg)
10 x Ruck Sit-ups
10 x Ruck Curls
10 x Ruck Chest Press

Circuit X 1:
20 x Skull Crushers
30 x 4-count Ruck Press Flutter Kick (with ruck up)

and yes…it counts


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