INT/ADV | The Cyclone

Rotational exercises are so crucial in both functional fitness as well as in Event training. The exercises in today's workout strengthen your core and improve your coordination. In both regular life and in endurance events, when carrying unequally weighted objects or walking on uneven terrain, your body is rarely moving on a level plane. Building your rotational strength is building the "coil" strength in your thoracic spine and core. Creating power in this way is not just about creating strength but stability and decreasing your risk for injury. Today, you're harnessing your very own personal cyclone.

The warm-up also includes anti-rotational exercises to help balance the work you'll be completing. They are the counterbalance to your rotational work and should be completed with a strong, stiff core. In the case of Dead Bugs and Plank Shoulder Taps, your hips and core should be stable and creating the foundation your movements need.


10 x reps Dead Bugs
10 x reps Reverse Lunge w/ Reach (each side)
10 x reps Plank Shoulder Taps (hard count - 1,1,2,2 etc.)
10 x reps Quadruped Thoracic Rotations (each side)


12-14 x reps Sandbag Overhead Squat*
12-14 x reps Sandbag Rotational Lunges EACH SIDE
12-14 x reps Sandbag Good Mornings
12-14 x reps Sandbag Rotational Lifts EACH SIDE
12-14 x reps Sandbag Standing Around the World's EACH SIDE
12-14 x reps Sandbag Bent Over Rows


* A sandbag overhead squat should be completed with a slight arch in the low back. The demo has far too much mobility in his low back/hips, and therefore a dangerous amount of pelvis tilting, or flexing. Performing this exercise in front of a mirror is the best way to make sure you're keeping your hips stable throughout the exercise. I kept this video and exercise in because this is a common problem in overhead squats and often the best way to see the right way is to see the *wrong* way.

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