This workout is no cap. For the oldies (we're ones too, don't be sad), no cap = no lie, no BS. Our kinda-adult children roll their eyes when we repeat it, but we're relatable parents. RIGHT.

 (Yes, our family group chat is named after Bob's Burgers characters, yes, it's accurate, and yes, I have 107 "unread" texts. I'm ok, you're ok. ALSO: my 18yr old has always thought that was Keanu Reeves in that meme, so one point for us.)

This workout has a 40min time cap. Yeah, I did all that for a time cap joke. You have 8 Rounds of 8 reps of 8 exercises, and you’re gonna be buss’n through it.


  • Ruck with weight
  • Sandbag (weight of your choice)


RUCK PUSH-UPS Wear your ruck. Grip the floor with your fingers. Tighten your core and lift your quads. Keep your elbows tight to your sides. Push-Up.

OVERHEAD RUCK (OR SANDBAG) WALKING LUNGE Obviously, if your sandbag is too heavy for this move, or you have bad shoulders, don't use a sandbag. Holding your ruck/sb overhead, take a trip with walking lunges. Keep knee over ankle, strong core and fully engaged shoulders (drop them down into their "pockets" for maximum shoulder stability). MOD: Don't walk; stay stationary.

RUCK/SB OVERHEAD SQUATS Obviously, if your sandbag is too heavy for this move, or you have bad shoulders, don't use a sandbag. Tighten your core, make sure knees track over second toe, as you sit down into your squat. Do NOT lean forward with the ruck overhead. Your weight should be solidly in your heels as you squat.

BENT OVER SANDBAG ROW MOD: No sandbag, use your ruck. Begin by standing, core engaged, glutes on, sandbag in both hands at your hips. Hinge forward at the hips, using glutes and hamstrings to provide stabilization. Row your sandbag up to your chest, elbows tight to your sides.

KNEELING RUCK WOOD CHOPPERS Kneeling in this movement makes more work in your core. If your knees bother you, use a folded towel under them. Begin by holding your ruck in both hands as you kneel down on one knee. Using straight arms, bring your ruck up diagonally to the side of your body with the raised knee. Bring your ruck down across your body diagonally, using your core to power the movement. Bring it back up for one. ALTERNATE KNEE FOR EACH ROUND.

RUCK V-UPS This requires pre-existing core-strength. MOD: If you aren't there yet, or have hip flexor instability/pain, hold your ruck over head (wrists over shoulders) and crunch up. Begin by laying on the floor, ruck in both hands, arms extended beyond your head, ruck resting on the floor above you. Hover your feet off the floor 3". Simultaneously bring your upper body up and your lower body up (think "V"). Try and touch your toes to your ruck for extra credit!

BUTTERFLY SIT UPS MOD: Butterfly Crunches, Ab Mat OK Sitting in butterfly position (hips open, knees bent, feet together) send your body down to the ground. Roll up so your lower back maintains contact with the floor until you're at the top of the movement. You can use your arms to help drive your body back up. If you've never done these before, don't try and finesse them like you may have seen them done. Start slow to build the appropriate muscles first. These require deep ab engagement to be done safely and properly, not momentum. 


40 min Time Cap
8 x rounds of 8 exercises

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