This workout offers no apologies, and no place to hide. But you're not looking to hide if you're in PATHFINDER, so grab your dumbbells or kettlebells and a resistance band and let's get started! This is a great workout to bring with you to the gym because you'll also need a bench or box, as well as a pull up bar.

Always be sure to complete the short warm up before diving into the workout. Today, you'll want to have a full loop resistance band (like these). They're a great way to get your body ready for heavier movements and relatively inexpensive.

Use two heavy dumbbells or kettlebells of the same weight in this workout. If you're not fully able to complete pull-ups, use resistance bands to modify the exercise.

If you plan to do this workout with a sandbag, the sandbag weight is up to you. Since there are so many kinds of PATHFINDER athletes, we can't reliably create a recommendation beyond *make it challenging.* Your sandbag should be heavy enough so that you can complete all required rounds and reps. Overdoing it is asking for injury, so work smarter, not harder in this case. 


10-12 reps Bodyweight Squats
10-12 reps Walking Warrior Lunges* HARD COUNT
10-12 reps Band Resisted Scapular Push-Ups
10-12 reps Rolling Planks** SOFT COUNT

* This can easily be modified to a stationary alternating lunge if space is an issue. Simply return to your lunge starting position with each rep completion.

**3 second hold per rotation. If shoulder issues, this is OK to do as tripod with bottom knee to the ground at each rotation. Just make sure you're using your core/oblique muscles to hold yourself in the position, not glutes/hips.


10-14 reps Rotational Squat to Press* EACH SIDE
10-14 reps DB Cross Over Step-Ups EACH SIDE
10-14 reps DB Reverse Lunge to Single Leg RDL EACH SIDE
10-14 reps Pull Ups
10-14 reps Bent Over Row - High Alternating HARD COUNT
10-14 reps Dragon Flags
3-5 Mile Finisher - Ruck or Run


* Start slowly if you are unfamiliar with rotational work. Better to tack on a few lower weight warm-up reps than tweak your low back.


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