Krampus traditionally takes place on December 5, but we thought it might be more appropriate to get a naughty workout in before the big day. With our being from French-centered Louisiana, we weren't familiar with Krampus, but after learning more about the OG Bad Santa, we're pretty certain he's as terrifying as any other bit of folklore we know.

"For centuries, disobedient children in Austria and other Alpine countries have faced a truly terrifying Christmas consequence for their misbehavior — a dreaded visit from Krampus.

With his curving horns, towering, hairy body, one cloven and one human foot, lolling long, red, pointed tongue and grimacing features, Krampus is a mythical figure dating back to at least the Middle Ages and possibly earlier.

Apparently created to strike terror in the hearts and minds of small children — and quite a few adults, too — Krampus traditionally carries a ruten bundle, or birch rod, to whip those who have misbehaved and chains to bind those who have strayed from the straight and narrow.

Strapped to his back is a leather bucket or woven rush basket to carry away naughty children, and around his waist is a stout leather belt to which are attached several large cowbells."

Our Krampus workout is to be done wearing your ruck. Since Krampus dragged children off in a sack, you'll need your sandbag. While Krampus wore bells to let everyone know he was coming, you'll just need Kettlebells.

To finish, you'll ruck a 5k (3.1 miles) for the traditional Krampuslauf (Krampus run).

You'll need:

  • Sandbag (your choice of weight, but make it challenging)
  • Kettlebells (or other weight)

Brav Sein. (Be good)


10 x reps Toy Soldiers HARD COUNT
10 x reps Squats (Bodyweight)
10 x reps Push-Ups (Bodyweight)
10 x reps Rolling Side Planks SOFT COUNT


WORKOUT x 3 Rounds

12-14 x reps Sandbag Squat to Overhead Press HARD COUNT
12-14 x reps Sandbag Balance Lunge EACH SIDE
12-14 x reps Kettlebell Swings
12-14 x reps Sandbag Cleans
12-14 x reps Sandbag Lateral Drags
12-14 x reps Kettlebell Renegade Rows EACH SIDE
WHEN COMPLETE End with 5K Ruck (3.1 miles)



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