You get an ironclad guarantee with this workout - if it doesn't make you miserable, I can fix it for you so it does. 

Complete 5 Rounds of 5 exercises - if you do this for time, let us know how fast you got it done! For this workout, you'll need a sandbag of challenging weight and either two kettlebells or two dumbbells.

If your KB or DB's aren't of challenging enough weight:

  • Hold your ruck for the pistol box squat
  • Wear your ruck while completing bodyweight renegade rows with your feet on your sandbag.


  • Soft count: 1, 2, 3, 4 ... this is when both (or all) limbs perform the exercise at the same time.
  • Hard count: 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4...this is when only one limb does work at a time.
  • Each Side: Do all reps on one side before switching to complete all reps on the other side.


8-10 x reps Reach, Rock, Lifts
8-10 x reps Banded* Good Mornings
8-10 x reps Bodyweight Squats
8-10 x reps Bodyweight Push-Ups HARD COUNT
*If you do not have a full loop resistance band, perform your Good Mornings as bodyweight.  

WORKOUT - 5 x Rounds

12 x reps Sandbag Deadlifts
12 x reps KB* Pistol Box Squat EACH SIDE
12 x reps Sandbag Hang Cleans
12 x reps KB* Renegade Rows HARD COUNT
12 x reps 4-Count Mountain Climbers

* You can use kettlebells, dumbbells, or other weights.

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