INT/ADV | Hundreds

100 reps is a great workout goal. You want to be aware of when you plan to do this workout though. High volume weeks should be no more than 4 weeks out prior to any major training Event. If you're not in that zone, get going on this workout! You'll note the amount of necessary overhead movements in this WOD -- don't wimp out because they're hard! The biggest weakness in most ruckers is in overhead lifts and work. Don't gray man it!


Sandbag Standing Around the World This exercise is best done with a lighter sandbag, ruck, or even a bare plate. I do recommend that you use something you will need to be spatially aware of. Checking out mentally during a workout isn't good training, and training to be aware of distance and control is just as important as the exercise itself! You will want to alternate between rotating to the left and right.

Sandbag Squat to Press Make sure your form is on point! Your quads should be parallel to the ground. Use your glutes to drive up and help assist in powering the overhead press.

Sandbag Forward to Reverse Lunge This is a HARD COUNT movement. (1,1,2,2 etc.) Track knee over second toe!

Sandbag Push Press Slight dip as you power the sandbag overhead. Dip and drive, using core and glutes to support the movement.

Sandbag Lateral Plank Drag Don't rock your hips! Hips should stay so level you can balance a tennis ball on your lower back. If you need to widen your feet to create more stability, do so. Rocking hips = unstable core and potential for lower back injury.


  • Sandbag - Rosters choice of weight. Make sure it's appropriately challenging but not too difficult that your form suffers!

WORKOUT x 4 Rounds


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