INT/ADV | Hard Labor - Labor Day Spectacular!

Happy Labor Day! We're posting this a day earlier than usual so you can plan to get this in on your day off. You can tackle this beast in one of two ways - you can blast through it, going for time. Or, you can pace yourself and take two perfect-form rounds instead. The choice is yours.

Let's talk fast rucks for a minute. You may need a few minutes to warm up to a quick pace here, but take no more than five minutes to do so. Then, boost your pace (shuffling is a great way to create even more work). PATHFINDER describes a fast ruck as anything faster than a 15:xx/mile pace. 

What exercises do I need to know?

Ruck Overhead Squats Begin by standing, feet slightly wider than shoulder width, second toe roughly aligned over your knee. Raise your ruck overhead as you squat, and as you rise, bring your ruck to a natural position near your chest with bent elbows.

Hard Count  This is when both legs or arms must do the exercise before the first rep can be called. Ex: Your right leg lunge is 1, your left leg lunge is 1. Your right leg lunge is 2, your left leg lunge is 2...etc.

*If you are a Beginner, do 1 Round.

THE WORK x 2 - 3 Rounds

1 mile FAST ruck

  • 10 x Burpees
  • 20 x Ruck Overhead Squats
  • 30 x Ruck Push Ups
  • 40 x Walking Lunges - Hard Count (1,1,2,2...)
  • 50 x Mountain Climbers - Hard Count (1,1,2,2...)
  • 60 x Sit Ups

1 mile FAST ruck


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