INT/ADV | Full Body EMOM

Today's workout is five rounds of eight exercises for a 40-minute full body + ruck EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute). This workout only looks simple - typically the simplest also wind up being the most physically demanding. 

We've embedded burpees into the center of the workout to give you the biggest bang for your buck and built exercises around it because it's just not fun if it's easy!


RUCK SWINGS Begin by standing, feet wider than hip width to accommodate the ruck swinging between your knees. Hinging from your hips, use your legs and glutes to power your ruck swing. Your ruck will glide between your knees and then to parallel with your shoulders.

RUCK PUSH-UPS Pushups...with a ruck on. Hands should be close to your chest, the eye of your elbows pointing to the ceiling. When you push-up, you should engage your core and lift your quads to help raise your lower body off the ground. If you've got any sway at all in your lower back, remove your ruck.

BURPEES - SLICK Slick means bodyweight-only burpees. Include push-up.

RUCK THRUSTERS: With ruck in hands, squat, knees following second toe, and on rising, ruck overhead press.

RUCK RUSSIAN TWISTS Seated on the floor, knees bent, feet flat, hold your ruck in your hands. Lean back. Rotate just your core (not your hips, there's no rocking here) and touch the bottom of your ruck to the ground near your hips. Rotate to the opposite side. If you need more of a challenge AND you can keep a flat back, you may hover your feet off the ground. If your back begins to round at any point, put your feet back down on the ground. This is a single count movement today, so each rotation counts as 1 rep.

REVERSE LUNGES Hold your ruck or heavier weight in both hands. Standing tall, feet hip width apart, bring one foot behind you, toes to the floor. Bend your back leg into a lunge and then straighten. Alternate legs.

THE WORK x 5 Rounds

  • 24 x Ruck Russian Twists (hard count)
  • 12 x Ruck Reverse Lunges
  • 1 min REST (at the end of each round)

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