There are movements in every GORUCK endurance event (and life) that we tend to hate. They're the ones that call our weaknesses out loud and clear. They make us want to gray man it, curse our upper body strength, throw down our ruck and just say EFF IT ALL.

Today, this is that workout. This workout is the equivalent of every rucker's FSNP: Famous Spock Nerve Pinch AKA The Vulcan Death Grip. The fictional karate punch in a pinch that renders the bad guy unconscious. (Legal note: We're not going for unconscious.You can look at it two ways. First: this will pinch. Second: You'll build the strength to withstand it.

Every rucker has known weaknesses:

  • Usually upper body.
  • Usually mind-body connection.
  • Usually core.

Today, we're going to look those weaknesses in the eye.

The workout is an EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) -- 50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest. At five rounds, this workout, not counting the warm-up, should get you in at the :40 minute mark. Hate me now, love me later.


- WOD Timer app (we like SmartWodTimer from app store)
- Resistance Band (Full Length Circle)
- Foam Roller (best size 3', but shorter will do)
- Sandbag (20+ lb/9+ kg women / 30+lb / 13+ kg men)
- Kettlebell or Ruck



5 x Rounds EMOM | 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off

* Feet elevated on sandbag
** To add more spice, wear your ruck
*** Switch direction at halfway point


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