INT/ADV | Frantic

Frantic is a spin-off of CrossFit's Fran, which many of us have likely done. Team Spearhead utilized a common version called 'Frantic' in workouts during PATHFINDER's early days, and it's such a great, nasty one, it deserves a highlight today in the Int/Adv workout. 

It begins with a 4 mile ruck, and then a 21-15-9 reps sequence. Do 21 of each exercise before moving on to 15 reps of each exercise, etc. Your ruck is optional based on your current core strength. If you find your lower back arching, hips drooping or your core is just not strong enough yet, do not attempt these exercises with a ruck.


Ruck a fast 4 miles to get in your pre/post. Aim for a 60:xx or less time. (Less than 15:xx splits)

THE WORK x 21 - 15 - 9

1:4 Jump Squat / Bear Crawl Combo

  • Do 1 Jump Squat, then Bear Crawl 4 steps (example:count every time your right hand touches down as 1)
  • Then 2 Jump Squats and Bear Crawl 8 steps
  • Then 3 Jump Squats and Bear Crawl 12 steps
  • Then 4 Jump Squats and Bear Crawl 16 steps….and so on until you finish with 15 Jump Squats and 60 touches

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