This workout is disgusting. I'm pretty sure you're going to love it though.

You don't need to wear your ruck, but you'll want it as gear. If you need or want to, add weight to your ruck for an increased workload or use a sandbag. You'll also want a medium-sized ball -- this can be anything from your kid's basketball on up. Having weight isn't nearly as important to me as your workout form, but if you have a legitimate wall/slam ball, use it! A light (10-20lbs) sandbag would also totally work.


WALL BALLS Squat low, ass to grass, and thrust the ball into the air. Catch or let it land depending on the weight. Pick it up and do it again! You don't need a wall for this if you don't have one available. The exercise still works without one. ;)

RUCK SQUATS Hold your ruck in bear-hug position, making sure you are not leaning forward as you squat.

SUMO DEADLIFT HIGH PULL In Sumo Squat stance (feet wide, toes turned out), deadlift your ruck with soft knees, focusing on glutes and hamstrings. When the ruck arrives level with your hips, flare your elbows and bring the ruck up to under your chin in alignment with your chest. Return the ruck to the floor. (Optional: use sandbag)

PUSH PRESS TLDR: Push Press uses a little squat dip to help drive a heavier object up overhead. Stand, knees over second toe, feet hip-width apart, ruck or sandbag held with both hands at your chest, elbows bent. Dip into a baby squat, and lift the weight up overhead.

BENT OVER SINGLE-ARM ROWS TLDR: Do both sides each round Stand as though your about to start a lawnmower, legs in a staggered stance, elbow in the dip of your quad above your knee. Hold your ruck in the free hand, and row the ruck up, like you're starting the lawnmower, elbow to the ceiling.

THE WORKOUT x 3 Rounds

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