Arachna is a mean-ass lady spider. Take that for what you want, but this is a mean-ass lady spider of a workout. This is the kind of workout you take on when you wake up and choose violence LOL.

Five rounds for time, the heavier the sandbag the better. This workout may take you up to an hour and a half at 5 rounds w/60lbs or greater. If you have less time, do less rounds. We don’t judge.


  • Sandbag
  • Ruck

Optional: two kettlebells or dumbbells / weight of your choice


Ruck-Front-Racked Stationary Lunges Front rack with a ruck can feel awkward, so let's talk this out. Your ruck should rest horizontally on your hands, like a waiter with a platter. Elbows tight to your side, your ruck should be even with your collarbone. Stationary lunges just mean we aren't walking, so alternate legs as you lunge.

Sandbag/Ruck Cleans This is a powerhouse move. I vastly prefer a sandbag or barbell for a clean, but if all you've got is a ruck, finesse it. A clean is a quick, powerful movement. Start with your sandbag on the ground. Squat to pick up the bag and in a quick movement, dip to get under the sandbag and roll it onto your forearms. After you've dipped, stand.

View a video from Men'sHealth demoing here.

Beast Makers This is a man-maker, but it's 2021, and I'd rather be an equal-opportunity beast. You can use your optional dumbbells for this movement, or your sandbag.

For dumbbells: In plank position, dumbbells in each hand, do one row, and then opposite arm, making sure the eye of your elbow points to the ceiling. Push up with both dumbbells in your hands. On the press up, jump both feet to your hands. Clean the dumbbells to your chest, dip slightly and press weights overhead.

For sandbag: In plank position, with both hands on your sandbag, dip down into a push-up, with your chest touching the bag. Press up, jumping both feet to your sandbag. Clean the sandbag up to your chest, dip and press overhead.

50 Meter Sandbag Carry For Americans, 50 meters = half a football field, or 164 feet. Carry that burden over your shoulder, in your arms, or balanced on both shoulders. All I care about it you getting it the distance. Do the hold you hate the most!

WORKOUT x 5 Rounds for time

  • 20 x Ruck-Front-Racked Stationary Lunges
  • 20 x SB/Ruck Cleans
  • 20 x Beast Makers (AKA Man Makers, but I like being a BEAST) — use KBs, DBs or bodyweight
  • 50m SB carry

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