Int/Adv: 45Min EMOM

Every Minute on the Minute, do the required number of reps, and then rest for the remainder of the minute. Both the push-ups and the burpees can be done without a ruck, and should be done without a ruck if your back sags, your hips drop or, most importantly, you cannot do the required reps with a ruck on. 

If you have an Event coming up, wear your ruck. Learn how to efficiently do a Burpee with a ruck on, even if you don't hit the 15 rep count. Challenge yourself each round to do more than you did the previous round until you hit the 15 rep mark.

Set your timer for :45 min and work through it. At the end of the first four minutes, you will have 1 minute of cardio. This can be your choice - running, cycling, jump rope, rower OR jumping jacks, high knees, butt kicks or high skips to name some body-weight cardio options if you're working out in a small space.

(Beginners, if you're tackling this, set your timer for :30)


4 exercises + 1 minute cardio

  • 15 x ruck swings
  • 15 x ruck thrusters
  • 15 x push-ups
  • 15 x burpees
  • :60 cardio at an easy to moderate effort with no ruck (running, cycling, jump rope, rower, or body weight cardio)

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