INT/ADV | 36:00 Holiday Hurl

It's the holiday week! We've got some special workouts to see you through this week, have a little fun and keep you focused on your goals.

For this Intermediate/Advanced workout, we have a :45 second on / :15 second off tabata. (Use your tabata timer app for this!) Between each round, take a 1:00 rest. At the end of the workout, complete the 6:00 buy-out to really seal the deal on this holiday hurl spectacular.

What exercises do I need to know?

Every exercise selected for this workout is a tried-and-true move. If you're unsure, you can always google or YouTube the exercise movement. This workout is designed for maximum effect, so one movement alone for :45 might not feel like much, but together, will feel like you're getting it done.

Short (Pulsing) Squats I hate the word pulsing. just. barf. But short squats, in a quick half-count movement, will burn your quads out fast right before your Walking Lunges. You want that feeling, so pulse like Jane Fonda wanted you to.

Burpee with Ruck Jump Lay your ruck horizontally on the ground. Stand on one side. Perform burpee. Jump laterally across your ruck. Perform burpee on the other side. Jump laterally across again.

3 x Rounds

:45 on, :15 off Tabata / 1:00 break between rounds

Dirty Buy Out:

  • 2:00 Walking Lunge / Ruck Overhead
  • 2:00 Burpee w/ Ruck Jump
  • 2:00 Ruck Bent Over Rows

*Ruck Swings have the exact same movement cues as Kettlebell Swings do. Hold your ruck by the handle as you swing.

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